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Learning Torah Has Never Been Easier!
     Every morning and evening we recite in the Shema, "And you shall speak them while you sit in your house, while you go on the way..." This of course refers to the mitzvah of learning Torah. Each weekday we hop in our cars, ride the bus or subway, or walk to and from work. We go shopping, do laundry, or bake a cake. Why not make better or additional use of that time? Why not hear some of the best Maggidei Shiur lecture on Loshon Hara, Emunah, or the Parsha of the week? Not only will you gain chizuk and get the mitzvah of Limud HaTorah, but those hours of drudgery will go by a lot faster.

     As most of you know, the Lower East Side has an extensive, free Torah Tape Library. We have tapes for men, women, and children from all backgrounds and all ages, on various topics including Halacha, Yom Tov, Hashkafa, Tanach, Chinuch, Marriage, and more, by popular Jewish speakers like Rabbi Yissochor Frand, Rabbi Avigdor Miller, Rabbi Paysach Krohn, Rebbetzin Faige Twerski, Rabbi Yitzchok Kirzner... The list goes on and on!

     The latest index contains many exciting updates. We have recently expanded to include CDs— among them the entire Mishnah elucidated by Rabbi Nosson Scherman, and a complete collection of Daf Yomi shiurim—and video cassettes from the likes of Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak.