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About us
    The East Side Torah Center is a night bais medrash located in the Lower East Side. (Here we are on Google Maps.) We have shiurim for every level, almost every weeknight. We're also the latest Maariv minyan on the East Side! Davening starts at 10:10pm, Sunday through Thursday. Contact us at iluvtorah@yahoo.com.
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     Cheshvan 5783:
Have you been searching for just the right Gemara Shiur? In the words of a Talmid Muvchak of Rav Dzialowski: "Rav Boruch is my inspiration... he gives us so much more than a Gemara shiur. They are peppered with halacha, hashkafa and mussar. Rav Dzialowski, who is Rov of Kehillas Darchei Yitzchok in Ramat Beit Shemesh gimmel, is a giant and will one day, no doubt, be a gadol b'Yisrael..."
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